Beyond Conventional Wisdom

Beyond Conventional Wisdom

Book Summary:

This book is a collection of groundbreaking essays in the area of metaphysics and Esoteric subjects. The book covers several contemporary topics of extreme interest. Some of the titles are: The Paradox of Life, Fallacies and Deceptions in Occultism, The Fallacy of Predictions, Psychological Resistance to Wholeness, The "Original Sin," The "Adversary and the Redeemer," From Fear to Faith, The Dialectic and the Qabalah, among other influential topics.

These subjects have been of utmost importance in the developing of the author's intellectual and personal growth from a provincial and materialistic state of mind to a spiritual and broader awareness in fields related to the conception of man and the universe. Therefore, the essays are the product of long reflections, meditations, and a life long search for the spiritual meaning of life. Furthermore, the essays attempt to demystify and dispel basic misconceptions accepted as true by common opinion.

They examine and question several fundamental erroneous concepts traditionally believed and accepted as conventional wisdom. In addition to informing and educating the reader about some very innovative issues, they will also help to separate "the grain from the chaff," so to speak, regarding preconceived misconceptions on metaphysical and other related areas of thought. In that sense, this book is definitely thought provoking, as it challenges many customary beliefs.

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