healing Without Medicine

Is mind/healing a myth or fact? Have you ever wondered how millions of people have been healed from “incurable” diseases without medicine? Can one be restored to health through the mind only? Or is it a spontaneous remission, a placebo effect, or the result of a suggestion? This book provides a rational and scientific explanation to those unique questions.

In the development of this book Albert Amao Soria examines the exceptional healing of the most prominent religious leaders of the New Thought Movement, who recovered their health from supposedly “incurable” diseases by mental and spiritual means. He also discusses the mechanisms that triggered their healing and elaborate on the rationale behind the so-called mind, spiritual, and faith healing. The New Thought pioneers, after being healed with this method of mind treatment, founded several churches and organizations that are still in fashion nowadays. In addition, the author explains the effectiveness of this kind of treatment where conventional medicine of the time had failed. In a nutshell this book is basically about: 1) The power of the mind for self-healing, 2) The power of the body for self- recovery, 3) The book provides tips to improve our attitude toward ourselves and life in general, 4) It empowers the person to take charge of his physical and mental wellbeing; 5) It examines all the modern modalities of healing without medicine starting since Franz Anton Mesmer to the modern modalities of Energy Psychology or energy Medicine, which includes Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and all their derivatives.

Furthermore, the book postulates very challenging and thought provoking ideas, such as that Phineas P. Quimby, the father of the New Thought Movement was indirectly healed by his helper Lucius Burkmar; that Mary B. Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, was healed by means of autosuggestion using Quimby’s metaphysics and by affirmations extracted from the Bible and not by divine intervention as she claimed; that Melinda Cramer, cofounder of Divine Science Church, recovered her health through awareness of the presence of the divinity; that Myrtle Fillmore, cofounder of Unity Church of Christianity, and Williams James, father of American Psychology, both of them used affirmations from the Bible to heal themselves, the first from long standing physical illness and the latter from depression and hallucinatory experiences; that Freud and Jung used self-analysis and self-confrontation to overcome their psychological crises and produced their masterpieces; Freud: The Interpretation of Dreams and Jung The Red Book. These statements are fully documented in the mentioned book.

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